Last Updated 8/22/21

$5,000 REWARD
for information leading to the safe return of my pup

Exchanges will be made at the nearest Animal Control. No questions asked.
Zorro has been missing since Thursday, March 18 2021, last seen in Waukegan, IL.

We believe Zorro can be anywhere by now. He was potentially seen in  in Paramus, New Jersey in mid-June.

I need help getting Zorro home!

If you spot the pup,
DO NOT call his name
DO NOT yell at him
DO NOT chase him

DO NOT get out of your car
He is shy and in survival mode.

PLEASE TAKE A PHOTO from a safe distance and report your sighting to the number below:


What Happened:


Nia dropped off Zorro in Chicago at a pet sitter who was supposed to be pre-vetted by Rover. One hour later, without Nia’s knowledge, the sitter drove Zorro an hour away to Waukegan, IL where he immediately got loose.


For the next five days, the sitter provided false updates on Zorro's wellbeing. The night before Nia was scheduled to pick-up Zorro, the sitter said he had just gone missing. When Nia returned, she uncovered the sitter's ongoing lie; he had been missing since the morning Nia dropped him off. 

Throughout the past five months, Nia and her family and friends have been doing everything in their power to get the word out about Zorro. They’re working with the Waukegan Animal Control, Chicago, Waukegan and Paramus Police Departments, a humane investigator, postering the surrounding neighborhoods, and sharing his story across social media. 

If spotted, please take a photo from a distance, and call immediately with any information -  773-231-9349.




When lost, skittish dogs go into
"SURVIVAL MODE" they are only focused on food, water, and shelter and wary of all humans (even the ones they know and recognize)

Since he is already EXTREMELY skittish, if you spot him, PLEASE do not approach him in
any way.

He has been seen in the Waukegan / North Chicago surrounding area but keeps running

away as soon as he sees someone. 

This not only puts him in danger of running onto

a busy street, bad area, etc., but also makes it more likely he will continue running outside of

the neighborhood where he's recently been spotted, making the journey to finding him harder.

zorro images.png


Sightings and Tips:  (773) 231-9349



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