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How you can help:

SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: SHARE SHARE SHARE my posts and flyers on Facebook, IG, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Send my flyer to your favorite influencer, popular Instagram accounts, your friends and fam, anyone. Invite your friends to like this Facebook page - the more eyes the better!

PRINT THE HAND-OUT FLYER: Download the flyers & print copies and hang them in your neighborhood or anywhere you may go - think places with lots of foot traffic and busy intersections. Bring copies into vet clinics, pet stores, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, anywhere you can share helps!

Missing Dog Flyer - 8.5X11

Missing Dog Flyer - Handout

Missing Dog & Reward Flyer

CLICK TO DONATE: We are collecting donations that will go towards services and tactics that will hopefully help bring my pup home. These donations will go towards the reward we are offering, Facebook ads, newspaper ads, services that help monitor re-selling dog websites, physical posters and more.

GET ROVERS ATTENTION: Please help me get Rover’s attention. Rover is hiding comments on Instagram, disabled their comments on TikTok and have blocked me from viewing their content. They’re going through great lengths to hide my story YET, they have yet to reach out to me offering more support. The only thing Rover has done is offered $500, posted on two lost dog websites, and paid a minimal fee for a amber alert service. They have not provided me with a single resource on what to do when a dog goes missing, they have not offered any monetary compensation for posters or my search efforts, and they have not reached out to me in over two months. Rover needs to take accountability and address this situation. They should use their social following to share news about my lost dog, and even more importantly, they should revise their policies to ensure this NEVER happens again. 


Comment on Rover's Social Media: Please comment on Rover's social media pages with a note about my story paired with #bringthepuphome. Rover has been deleting all of your comments, but at some point, they will have to address this situation. Please keep going!

Tag Rover and Rover Investors/Founders/Execs: As you re-share my social posts, please tag Rover as well as its investors. Rover recently announced its plans to go public through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Nebula Caravel Acquisition Corp. My position is that if they plan to be a publicly traded company, they should be accountable for their mistakes and put in place policies to prevent such tragedies from happening to others.

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